Installation : As Seen

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As Seen , exhibition installation 2013 (3)As Seen , Exhibition  installation, 2013 (4)As Seen, Exhibition  installaton 2013 (1)


Luminous Lauguage

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I am happy to announce that i  will be one of  24 artists  exhibiting at  Launch F18, New York


373 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York NY 10013

Preview: 4 March 6-8pmExhibition open: 5-10 March
Vane presents ‘Luminous Language’, an exhibition of contemporary approaches to drawing.“Drawing is a struggle between nature and the artist, in which the better the artist understands the intentions of nature, the more easily he will triumph over it. For him it is not a question of copying, but of interpreting in a simpler and more luminous language.”
Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), The Salon of 1846, VII: On the Ideal and the Model (1846)Though the traditional medium of pencil on paper continues to be a mainstay of drawing, in the expanded field of contemporary practice, artists are using an ever-widening range of media in order to experiment with their ideas and themes. And while drawing is still used as a starting point or a kind of shorthand in the development of work in other media, increasingly, many artists are seeing it as the core of their work.‘Luminous Language’, curated by Vane, explores the great variety of contemporary drawing through the work of 24 artists from the UK, Europe and the USA. Whether using pencil, paint, collage, photography or video, these works give us an insight into each artist’s working method and their individual artistic visions
.Artists: Héctor Arce-Espasas / Adam Burns / EC Davies / Michael Davies / Kerstin Drechsel / Jorn Ebner / Mark Joshua Epstein / Nick Fox / Nadia Hebson / Jonpaul Kirvan / Simon Le Ruez / Dodda Maggy / Jane Millican / Jock Mooney / Michael Mulvihill / Stephen Palmer / Josué Pellot / Narbi Price / Morten Schelde / Matthew Smith / Alison Unsworth / Barbara Walker / Miranda Whall / Flora Whiteley

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