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I’m current y working  with Clark Gallery at mac Birmingham as part of Allotment 10 plots

Clarke Gallery’s showcase at mac birmingham turns from BERLIN / into BIRMINGHAM / . Part two of BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND / launches both in the gallery and online on Saturday 14th April (12-3pm in the gallery) and runs until 3rd June.

Artists of BIRMINGHAM / are:

Dan Auluk / Elly Clarke / Jeanette Dean / Jo Gane / Cathy Wade / Barbara Walker / Mo White /


Rendering The Real

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Participating Artist .

the ‘Fourth Moment’

21 March – 27 April 2012

The 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning is showcasing photographic work by Sireita Mullings as a dimension of her PhD research titled “Postcolonial legacies of marginalisation as rendered in the visual works of young people in Lambeth.”

Sireita draws upon the documentation of young people engaged in arts projects and the narratives of her research participants to emphasise the interplay between participant and practitioner.

The “Fourth Moment” presents the work of 10 practitioners who have commented on the concerns of everyday life that young people have to contend. They are: Barbara Walker, Gerard Hanson, Kimathi Donkor, Larry Achiampong, Lorenzo Bordonaro, Michael McMillan, Olu Oke, Paul Halliday, Raimi Gbadamosi, Vanley Burke.

More so the interests of these artists contribute to the characterising of the ‘Fourth Moment’. Taken from Stuart Hall’s work, ‘Black Diaspora Artists in Britain: Three Moments in Post War History’, the title makes reference to a moment Hall described in 2006 as emerging.

Thanks to the artists who have contributed, we are able to engage with some of the complex cultural and socio political issues of ‘criminalisation’, ‘marginalisation’, and ‘governmentality’ that practitioners are currently contending with in their work.

198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

198 Railton Road


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